About me

I love traveling and spending time outside. I’m particularly interested in hiking now that I’m in Arizona and Tucson has so many trails and mountains to explore. Most of all, I love my dog. (Who doesn’t?)


I got this little fur ball in the fall of 2018, and he has been my best office pal and travel buddy ever since. Here are some adorable pictures of him!

3-month old Pep 🙂
Pep’s first snow in 2019 (Athens, GA)
Pep on his first birthday “sharing” his birthday cake with his kitty siblings Moody and Basil
Pep all bundled up before heading outside in a chilly Asheville, NC


Along with my love for the Galician language, I have always marveled at the fact that this region has the most beautiful landscapes on the Iberian Peninsula. Its coastline has an incredible combination of picture-perfect beaches and breathtaking cliffs. These are some gorgeous pictures I have taken of Galicia during my travels.

A gorgeous beach beneath the countryside in Caión (A Coruña)
Low tide in the Estuary of Concurbión (A Coruña)
Celebration in A Praza das Praterías on O Día da Patria Galega (“Day of the Galician Fatherland”)
Sunset along the coast of Carnota (A Coruña)
The small village of Pantín (A Coruña) and its world-famous beach