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Cabo Ortegal, Galiza, with view of the Artabrian Sea



  • [with Tim Gupton] The left-peripheral syntax of Brazilian Portuguese cadê. Under review.
  • Probing for C: What Germanic can learn from Galician & Nez Perce. Under review for the proceedings of CGSW35. (Publication expected Spring 2023)
  • ‘X’ marks the spot but not why you think: A reply to Gallego (2020). To be submitted to Probus. (Publication expected Spring 2023)
  • Accounting for the uniformity of the PCC in causatives: an interaction and satisfaction approach. To be submitted to the proceedings of Going Romance 2021.
  • Weak objects and their licensing constraints: A note on obligatory differential object marking.
  • Only syntactic movement will do: Morphosyntactic variation in Galician and Icelandic.
  • [with Tim Gupton] Tense(lessness) and (null) copulas. To be submitted to Glossa.

Ph.D. Dissertation

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